St. Paul Baptist Church
"We Are Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

The Year of Maturity


There is something about the Anointing of God and it's ability to change conditions that is extremely vital to the life of a believer in Jesus Christ.  This year it is the mission of this congregation to chase after the presence of God.  Each and every day it is our goal to pursue the purity and power of His Presence.  It is my belief that the Spirit of God is the answer to what's plaguing todays church. I pledge to you this day to push the lost to meet Jesus and push the found to engage His presence.

St. Paul is an active ministry constantly trying to do our best in service to please God, and it is our prayer that you too become active in rendering service to our Lord.
We are so grateful that God placed us on your hearts and it is our desire that something we say or do may inspire you to join us in kingdom building.  There is a lot of work to do and it is our desire to stay focused on the mission; "Rebuilding the Wall One Person at a Time"

God bless and keep you, God shower His anointing upon you, and may His favor follow you wherever you go.

Pastor L. A. Delaney, Jr.

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